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Berlin, Germany, April 11th, 2024, Chainwire

Nektar Network – the multilayered Re-staking network is designed to optimize ‘s security model while scaling distributed solutions, paving the way for more decentralized infrastructure.

The team behind Diva Staking unveils the Nektar Network, a pioneering restaking ecosystem poised to redefine the Ethereum trust model and extend its utility across distributed systems. The Nektar Network launches with a vision to democratize Ethereum’s validation process while addressing the challenges of centralization and resilience.

Popularized by EigenLayer, already with $14 billion in re-staked ETH, Re-staking implies repurposing a staked asset to secure additional tasks or duties by the validators using such staked assets as collateral. Users can opt into Nektar to augment their staking activities, earning additional rewards from AVSs.

Nektar Network tackles critical challenges within the blockchain space by empowering different agents. Nektar facilitates the seamless establishment of PoS-based distributed systems, enhancing trust and security for applications utilizing its services.

The crypto ecosystem is rapidly evolving into a more sophisticated and developed landscape. There are now specialized actors vital for a smooth bootstrapping of the network. We are confident that with their help, the Nektar Community will grow at lightning speed to become one of the most relevant actors within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Nektar Network aims to be a response to the growing problem of centralization in the Ethereum ecosystem. While there are major concerns about a limited number of actors controlling the validation layer, at a Re-staking level the ecosystem was in need of viable alternatives to diversify the growing interest in Re-staking. Nektar Network intends to position itself as the most resilient alternative within this vital component of Ethereum’s scaling.

Furthermore, the integration of Distributed Validation Technology (DVT) within Nektar enhances Ethereum’s resilience, presenting a robust infrastructure for developers, operators, and validators to engage with the Ethereum network more securely and efficiently.

The Ethereum ecosystem has reached a critical juncture. On one hand, liquid staking has democratized access to Ethereum validation. On the other, it has created a centralization problem where a handful of entities could, in theory, collude to control the network. Continuing down this path would contradict one of Ethereum’s core tenets and send the wrong message to stakeholders. Nektar provides a restaking network as decentralized as possible, powered by DVT.

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About Nektar Network

Nektar Network is a multilayered restaking network built on top of Ethereum. It consists of components that together form a comprehensive incentives system designed to democratize access to Ethereum’s trust model.

For more information about Nektar Network, users can visit our website or follow on Farcaster and X.

About Diva Staking

Founded in 2023, Diva Staking is the company behind Distributed Validator Technology (DVT). It aims to increase the decentralization of Ethereum staking through its proprietary DVT solution that balances the interests of stakers and operators. In January 2023, Diva Staking raised $3.5 million in seed funding from A&T Capital, OKX Ventures, Alphemy Capital, and Metaweb Ventures, among others.

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