Navigating NFTs and Airdrops: MetaMask’s Integration with Daylight


MetaMask has joined forces with Daylight, an on-chain transaction engine, to improve user accessibility and discovery of airdrops and NFTs. This new integration aims to simplify the process of claiming and acquiring these digital assets.

Streamlining User Discovery with Daylight API

With the partnership, MetaMask introduces a more intuitive way for users to discover and claim airdrops and NFTs directly from their portfolio’s “Explore” page. Users often face challenges in keeping track of their eligibility for airdrops and remembering the ones they are eligible for. 

The Daylight API leverages various social factors to tailor NFT recommendations specifically for users. This personalized approach aims to ensure that the NFTs suggested are relevant and interesting to each user. 

Whether you’re on an allowlist, possess a required or related token, or have previously minted NFTs from a certain creator, Daylight’s recommendations are designed to align with your unique interactions and preferences within the NFT space.

Moreover, the Daylight API goes beyond basic criteria, incorporating social connections and trends into its recommendation algorithm. For example, if you follow a creator on Farcaster, or show interest in NFTs trending among specific collections or created by popular creators, Daylight identifies these patterns. It also recognizes NFTs gaining traction on-chain to suggest pieces that match your interests and are potentially valuable additions to your collection.

Multi-Chain Accessibility and Social Integration

The collaboration between MetaMask and Daylight also enables users to check their eligibility for airdrops and NFT claims across multiple networks, including Ethereum, Base, and Polygon. The integration also utilizes Web3 technology to create an identity and social graph for users, aiding in the discovery of existing airdrops and upcoming NFTs.

The Role and Benefits of NFT Airdrops

NFT airdrops have become a popular marketing strategy for projects in the crypto space, allowing them to distribute free NFTs to their community members. These airdrops can take on various forms, like giveaways, contests, or token holder recognition. Not only do they generate buzz around a project, but they also offer participants the opportunity to acquire unique digital assets.

Participating in NFT airdrops offers several advantages, from earning free NFTs to gaining insights into new and innovative projects within the NFT ecosystem. These benefits add exclusive and valuable tokens to users’ collections and provide them with opportunities for personal enjoyment and potential financial gain.

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