NFT Lending Market Soars: Blur Takes the Lead


The NFT lending market has experienced a surge in loan volumes, reaching an impressive $375 million in May. Concurrently, NFT trading volumes during the same period amounted to $466 million, highlighting the increasing demand for digital assets.

According to DappRadar, Blur is the dominant player in the NFT lending market, capturing an 82% market share and securing a substantial loan volume of $308 million over the past 22 days. Its exceptional performance solidifies Blur’s position as a leading provider of lending services within the NFT ecosystem.

Once primarily focused on trading, Blur has successfully adapted its operations to meet the evolving needs of the market. Presently, lending constitutes a significant portion of Blur’s activities, accounting for 46.2% of its recent operations. This strategic shift demonstrates Blur’s responsiveness to the changing preferences and demands of NFT market participants.

Azuki NFT Collection on Blend

Within the Blend platform, one NFT collection has emerged as a clear favorite among borrowers—Azuki. This anime NFT collection has garnered substantial trust and popularity, amassing an impressive loan volume of 70,031 ETH, equivalent to $127 million. Azuki’s success highlights the appeal and value of its NFT collection within the lending ecosystem.

Blur’s dominance and Azuki’s preference on Blend reflect the vibrancy and growth potential of the NFT lending market. With an increasing demand for digital assets, players like Blur and collections like Azuki play a vital role in providing liquidity and facilitating financial transactions within this dynamic sector.


Blur’s overwhelming presence, capturing 82% of the NFT lending market, and Azuki’s remarkable loan volume on Blend exemplify the strength and attractiveness of the NFT lending ecosystem. As market activity continues to surge, the NFT lending landscape is poised for further expansion and innovation, offering valuable opportunities for participants in the digital asset space.

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