AGM Group Holdings Announces Strategic Upgrade By


AGM Group Holdings (AGMH) Announces Strategic Upgrade

AGM Group Holdings Inc. (“AGMH” or the “Company”) (AGMH) today unveiled its strategic upgrade aimed at accelerating its global expansion. Focused on advancing its Bitcoin mining and data center operations, AGM Group is diversifying its portfolio to include digital technology, cryptocurrency mining, and technology hardware research and development, manufacture, and sales.

Leveraging its extensive history of cultivating customer relationships for mining machine purchases and collaborating with energy partners who possess vast energy reserves, AGM Group is poised to extend its reach into the mining industry. The company’s expansion strategy is multifaceted, encompassing self-constructed projects, joint mining ventures, and strategic acquisitions. AGM Group is committed to establishing and operating Bitcoin mining data centers, coupled with offering hosting services, in strategically chosen locations including the United States, Canada, and Central Asia. This initiative represents a significant step forward in AGM Group’s journey towards becoming a leader in the global mining sector.

Mr. Zhu Bo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AGM Group, shared his excitement about the company’s prospects, stating, “We are currently in the early stages of negotiations with energy providers and bitcoin mining farms that possess established mining sites already utilized by clients, in addition to discussions with our customers who are in immediate need of mining hosting services. We anticipate sharing further details shortly. Our initial phase targets include managing up to 200MW of data centers worldwide, aiming for a hash rate of up to 5 EH/s, and deploying over 50,000 mining machines by the end of 2024.”

He added: “AGMH is set to become a pivotal force in the mining industry, serving as a critical link between two essential domains. On one side, our profound expertise and industry experience place us in an optimal position to understand and fulfill the demands of hosting customers. On the other side, we stand unique with partners who are energy sources but may lack the experience in establishing hosting facilities or accessing potential customers. AGM is poised to bridge this gap, providing necessary expertise and customer access. This strategic enhancement is not just an evolution—it’s a transformative step forward in our mission for global expansion, underlining our commitment to innovating within the mining sector and beyond. We firmly believe that this strategy upgrading will position our company with a more comprehensive business structure, drive accelerated growth, and deliver enhanced value returns to our shareholders.”

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