MetalCore Closed Beta 2: First Playable Game on Immutable zkEVM Network


Studio369 has announced that its highly anticipated game, MetalCore, will be the first playable title to launch on the Immutable zkEVM scaling network with the launch of its Closed Beta 2. This blockchain-powered, open-world shooter promises to merge traditional gameplay elements with innovative technology, offering players a unique gaming experience.

Closed Beta Testing

MetalCore’s second Closed Beta, scheduled from April 9 to May 22, invites both new and returning players to explore a range of new features. These include an assortment of quests, in-game contracts, and the Barony system—the game’s approach to collaborative guilds. The Barony system encourages players to join forces, strategize, and compete for rewards.

Additionally, the second phase of the Closed Beta will introduce several gameplay enhancements, such as mech customization, dynamic missions, and updates to player levelling and consumables. Players can also look forward to tackling new PvE challenges in this phase, adding even more variety to the game.

Central to MetalCore’s gameplay is the use of the $MCG token. This digital currency facilitates the creation and utilization of in-game items as NFTs, allowing for extensive customization and giving players complete control over their digital assets. 

Players can earn a unique in-game currency known as “Marks” by finishing in-game contracts and engaging in social quests. Additionally, participating in wars between Baronies offers another avenue to accumulate Marks. In these conflicts, players can join forces, combat as a team, and partake in cooperative activities that include sharing resources and completing further social quests.

According to the announcement, the second phase of the Closed Beta will include a two-week break from April 23rd to May 6th. This break will allow the developers to prepare a major surprise for the battlefield, designed to elevate the gameplay experience. Following the conclusion of Beta 2, the $MCG token will become available. Participants in the Closed Beta who have earned Marks, whether through gameplay or quest completion, will have the opportunity to claim $MCG.

How to Access the Closed Beta 

For players interested in participating in the MetalCore Closed Beta, sign up at the game’s official website to receive a beta code.

Throughout the Closed Beta phases, game keys will be distributed every 24 hours. Metalcore has said that possessing a beta code does not guarantee full gameplay access outside designated Closed Beta periods. To experience the complete game, players must log in and play during specific times as announced through MetalCore’s official channels.

Finally, MetalCore has received significant support from the gaming community, evident in the $5 million investment secured by a consortium of investors, including Delphi Digital, BITKRAFT, Polygon Labs, Sanctor Capital, and Animoca Brands. This investment highlights the game’s potential and the community’s excitement for the game.

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