HeLa Labs Announced First Incentivized Testnet, Enhancing Blockchain Technology


HeLa Labs, a modular blockchain company that focuses on building a layer 1 ecosystem that aims for a future of seamless integration of decentralization adoption aligned with real-world applications, today announced the launch of their first incentivized testnet called Atlantia. With its EVM Parallel system that HeLa also has, the testnet launch substantially advanced HeLa’s mission to enhance its technology features and adoption for the masses. This is a crucial moment for HeLa’s developer team, where they’re enabling developers to join and test the ecosystem’s functionality. Not only developers, but HeLa also invites communities that want to take part in the testnet as well. 

The Atlantia testnet marks a significant step for HeLa’s journey toward launching an advanced mainnet on a base blockchain. The testnet phase is very important for ensuring and enhancing the HeLa chain for all participants. 

Exploring the Atlantia testnet offers an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic community of enthusiasts and developers, as well as utilize the HeLa chain features and grow blockchain adoption. Widely used wallets such as MetaMask can be integrated into the Atlantia testnet by users who want to participate in joining the testnet. 

Andy Ting, one of the co-founders commented, “By participating in Atlantia, users can gain knowledge and skills essential for navigating and contributing to the evolving blockchain landscape. It also provides a hands-on experience where they can experiment with, provide feedback on, try new features, get potential rewards, and have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic community of enthusiasts and developers.” 

He also commented, “We are very excited with the launch of our incentivized testnet, Atlantia, and doing this represents a significant step forward in the exploration and innovation of what HeLa did in the blockchain Layer 1 technology.” 

For more information about the testnet, please visit HeLa Labs’ website. About HeLa Labs: 

HeLa Labs (https://www.helalabs.com) is a modular Layer-1 solution designed by renowned engineers and scientists, with a comprehensive asset integration layer and a robust built-in confidentiality mechanism. The goals are to pioneer the path to a more interconnected and transformative decentralized Web3 future and establish a secure layer 1 blockchain for real-world adoption. 

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