Find Satoshi Lab’s New Web3 Social Game – Gas Hero


The fitness app STEPN’s creator, Find Satoshi Lab, recently announced their forthcoming Web3 social game “Gas Hero”. This new venture is slated for release later this year, presenting another example of the increasing integration of blockchain technology into the gaming world.

Besides promoting “Gas Hero“, FSL has also disclosed an appealing opportunity for creative gamers. The company plans to distribute about 2 million GMT tokens to individuals who contribute standout avatar creations and designs, referred to as ‘heroes’. GMT, a governance token based on the Solana, is integral to the STEPN platform – exercise dApp, where users earn a utility token called “GST” simply by walking or running.

Gas Hero: A Glimpse into the Gameplay and Setting

“Gas Hero” is described as an engaging game where players collect NFTs to vie for fame, wealth, and power. The game aims to leverage decentralization, with aspects such as community voting forming part of the gameplay. At the same time, GMT tokens will be utilized for asset trading between players.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 2084, “Gas Hero” is a sci-fi game where players fight to save humanity and restore order after a devastating nuclear attack orchestrated by artificial intelligence (AI). The “gas” in “Gas Hero” pertains to the natural gas that operates the game’s cloning lab.

While battle and strategic elements have been hinted at, the game’s full scope has yet to be unveiled. FSL has planned to gradually introduce the game’s content in seven segments.

The company’s chief operating officer (COO), Shiti Manghani, shed light on the game’s multiplayer aspects and social component. Emphasizing the significance of refining the game’s user experience and interface (UI).

Design your own Genesis Heroes

Find Satoshi Lab and the Expansion into the NFT Market

Beyond the boundaries of STEPN, Find Satoshi Lab expanded its scope into the NFT market last November, launching “MOOAR”, a membership NFT market that supports multi-chains. The Launchpad feature of MOOAR is designed to uncover promising NFT projects of the future that extend beyond Profile Picture (PFP) and offer significant utility. MOOAR members have the opportunity to be part of this exploration process via community voting.

As for the ongoing in-game avatar creation contest, it is scheduled to conclude on August 8th. Chosen participants will not only receive prize money. Still, they will also be entitled to a 2% creator royalty from the NFT of the hero based on their design.

Wrapping up, the recent moves by Find Satoshi Lab illuminate a compelling trajectory in the gaming landscape. With “Gas Hero,” they’re not just launching a game, they’re building a digital arena where blockchain meets creativity. This initiative redefines the role of players, inviting them to shape the world they play in while rewarding their ingenuity with GMT tokens.

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