AI World Fair in Decentraland Explores the Future of Artificial Intelligence


Decentrland is set to host the first-ever AI World Fair from October 25 to 27 in Decentraland. This event assembles experts and thought leaders from diverse fields such as Web3, gaming, fashion, art, and robotics. These luminaries will engage in a series of discussions, panel talks, and activities designed to shed light on various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI).

Themes and Key Speakers

Through a blend of interactive AI applications, real-time product demonstrations, and expert-led keynotes and panels, attendees and gamers will explore the companies and brands pushing boundaries in the AI sector. 

The AI World Fair, organised by Decentraland, Verse Digital, Vegas City, and the Metaverse Land Company, will focus on three core themes:

  1. Sci-fi vs Sci-fact: This theme aims to clarify key concepts, issues, and the potential of AI, examining its applications across various sectors.
  2. AI x Humanity: Bane or Benefit?: Panelists will delve into job creation vs displacement, business impact, regulation, security, ethics, and the balance between innovation and responsibility.
  3. The Road Ahead: Speakers will discuss the future of AI, touching on topics like the rise of advanced AI technologies, the concept of singularity, and the integration of AI with crypto, Web3, and the metaverse.
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Among the over 40 speakers, notable names include Dr. Ben Goertzel of Singularity.NET, Yasmina Benkhoui from NVIDIA, and Decentraland’s Executive Director, Yemel Jardi.

Discussing the origins of the event, Justin Edwards, the founder and CEO of Verse Digital, stated: “As we partnered closely with Innovation City and Metaverse Land Company to develop Sophia the Robot’s Sophiaverse Headquarters, we all believe that the metaverse needs an AI conference. Decentraland has been busy developing its own AI capabilities, so we were eager to work with Sam Hamilton and the team to devise a compelling program of talks and exhibits.”

Some Key Events

  • Dr. Ben Goertzel’s keynote address, scheduled for October 25 at 18:00 UTC, promises valuable insights from one of the industry pioneers.
  • Another session to watch is NVIDIA’s talk on generative AI, focusing on the evolution of non-player characters in games and virtual worlds. This session is slated for October 25 at 23:00 UTC.
  • Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox will engage in a fireside chat on October 27 at 18:00 UTC, discussing how generative AI could impact community-driven platforms like The Sandbox.

The AI World Fair 2023 offers a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence. It serves as a platform for in-depth discussions and networking among industry professionals. Registration and additional details are available on Decentraland’s website for those interested.

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