Scammers play a long game using bogus, AI-backed ‘law firm’ By Cointelegraph


A new artificial intelligence-backed scam is as multi-faceted and lengthy as it is unconvincing — at least for would-be victims who dig below the surface.

I recently received a threatening “DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice” email from an alleged law firm claiming that a Cointelegraph article had used a copyrighted stock image owned by a vague cryptocurrency firm, the name of which I will refrain from sharing so as not to boosti its online credibility.

While realistic, Nationwide’s legal team gives that “uncanny valley” feeling. Source: Screenshot
Samuel Thornton looks like someone’s idea of an early 2000s CEO. Source: Screenshot
Fun fact: “Paltering” is to mislead by telling the truth. Source: Screenshot

Jesse Coghlan is the deputy editor for Cointelegraph’s Asia-Pacific news desk based in Sydney.

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