On-Chain Researcher ZachXBT Recovered Stolen Funds From NFT Sale


The world of cryptocurrency has seen its fair share of scams and thefts, with millions of dollars lost to cybercriminals. In this chaotic landscape, on-chain researcher ZachXBT stands out as a beacon of hope for victims of digital asset theft. Recently, he successfully recovered a portion of funds from a stolen non-fungible token (NFT) sale and returned them to the rightful owner. This remarkable feat has caught the attention of the crypto community and has shed light on the importance of on-chain investigations.

The Investigation

In May 2023, a highly valuable rank 1 DeGods NFT was stolen from its owner through a phishing attack. The stolen asset was then sold for 99ETH, equivalent to approximately $177,000 at the time. The victim immediately reported the theft and reached out to ZachXBT for assistance in recovering their stolen funds.

ZachXBT, known for his expertise in on-chain investigations and tracking stolen digital assets, took on the case without hesitation. He began by analyzing the victim’s wallet and uncovered evidence of the phishing scam that led to the theft. Using a straightforward diagram, he demonstrated his methodical approach to tracing the stolen funds through various blockchain transactions.

The Recovery

After months of thorough investigation, ZachXBT successfully recovered a significant portion of the stolen funds and returned them to the victim. The recovery announcement was made nine months after the initial theft was reported and was met with gratitude and praise from the crypto community.

In his announcement, ZachXBT also highlighted the challenges and lengthiness of recovering stolen digital assets. He emphasized the complexity of on-chain investigations and the time and effort required to track and retrieve stolen funds. However, despite these challenges, he expressed his fulfilment in being able to return the stolen funds to their rightful owner.

Pro Bono to Professional

ZachXBT’s success story has been widely shared within the crypto community, with many praising him for his dedication and expertise. His methodical approach and ability to recover stolen funds have given victims hope and renewed trust in the security of their digital assets.

Despite his success, ZachXBT has expressed his intention to cease offering his investigative services pro bono. He cited a sense of entitlement from many individuals and projects benefiting from his work as the reason for this decision. Instead, he is considering a transition to a profit-oriented role within a firm, which would alleviate the pressures from community demands.


The recovery of stolen funds from the NFT sale by ZachXBT serves as a reminder of the importance of on-chain investigations in the world of cryptocurrency. As cybercriminals continue to target unsuspecting victims, it is reassuring to know that there are experts like ZachXBT who are dedicated to recovering stolen digital assets and restoring trust within the community. With his success story, he has not only returned funds to a victim but also sent a message of hope and resilience in the face of cybercrime. As the crypto industry continues to grow, on-chain researchers like ZachXBT will play an essential role in ensuring its security and legitimacy.

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