Base network launches 8-week training course for blockchain developers By Cointelegraph


On Oct. 20, the layer-2 Base network announced that it’s launching an eight-week training course to turn traditional software developers into blockchain developers. Called “Base Bootcamp,” the new program doesn’t cost anything to attend. However, it’s designed for “mid to senior level Software Engineering individual contributors,” and students must fill out an application and be accepted to enroll. Less than 20 students will be accepted into each “cohort,” and the team will stop accepting applications on Oct. 27, the announcement states.

In its announcement, Base claims the program is necessary because most software developers still do not know how to build Web3 apps. “Today, there are fewer than 30,000 onchain developers,” it states, “compared to nearly 30 million software developers.” This implies that only 0.1% of software developers work in Web3.