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How smart people invest in dumb memecoins: 3-point plan for success

Back in 1984, a U.K. television advertisement for Kit Kat chocolate bars was set in a music labels office where a keen young band played their demo for a bored music executive. Afterward, they were served the famous chocolate bars and the manager said:

You cant sing, you cant play, you look awful youll go far.

PEPE is making memecoins great again. (Twitter)
Vitalik Buterin told podcast Lex Friedman that DOGE was his most successful investment. (YouTube)
is the original and some would say the best memecoin. (Pexels)
Evgen Verzun is the director of Kaizen.Finance and a big fan of memecoins. (Evgen Verzun blog)
PEPE price chart. (CoinMarketCap)
Pepe the Frog featured in the Feels Good Man documentary. (Feels Good Man)
Sarah Jane Kenny won the Communications Award at Blockchain Ireland recently. (LinkedIn)
Even the Fed is keen on memecoins, according to this COOP meme. (Twitter)
Harry Horsfall, CEO of Flight3, thinks PEPE is brilliant. (Supplied)
Full-time degen and founder of BodlNFT, Neil Bodl. (supplied)

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