Sports Platform Sorare Unveils 3D Digital Football Player Cards with AR Integration, Launches Virtual Treasure Hunt


Non-fungible token (NFT)-based fantasy game and marketplace Sorare has announced its 3D digital football player cards with integrated augmented reality (AR) capabilities. 

The 2023–24 Sorare Football season will see the inaugural launch of the 3D digital player cards across the Sorare Football universe, the platform said.

They will go live in Sorare’s web and mobile apps, first available on iOS. Users, so-called Managers, will be able to interact with the cards in the real world through the app.  

Sorare decided to make a bespoke frame for each of Europe’s top leagues: Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, and Serie A – each to be announced in the coming weeks.

Cards featuring Premier League players will go out on the marketplace on September 13. 

Premier League tweeted that the “cards will be 3D, interactive and tangible in real life.”

‘New Designs for Years to Come’

Sorare wants to “redefine the boundaries between physical and digital fandom by reinventing the act of collecting football cards.”

The team designed the cards’ backgrounds to make them “pop” in 3D and “shine,” thanks to the dynamic reflections and lighting.

Furthermore, there is a frame connecting the front and the back of the card to provide the 3D aspect depth, which, combined with the lighting element, creates a tangible quality, the post stated.

According to the team,

“This new step in our card design evolution into 3D invites progression. With an added depth with the frame, via textures and shapes, we have the ingredients to evolve Sorare digital player cards and create new and exciting designs for years to come.”

The card information has been structured in two parts: league and season data at the top, and player data at the bottom.

“A key element of the card design is player photography,” according to the platform. This is where scalability comes into play as thousands of cards are minted each season.

For future iterations, the team aims to test special edition cards with different photography but emphasizes that this is “a complicated project to scale.”

Treasure Hunt Begins

Meanwhile, ahead of the 3D digital player cards launch, Sorare unveiled its 3D Card Virtual Treasure Hunt spread across three cities

Per the blog post, the goal is to find the key to an Ethereum wallet, which is a master password consisting of 12 words. 

The words need to be arranged in the correct order to unlock the wallet, withdraw the cards, and transfer them to the winner’s own wallet.

The first person to complete the hunt before October 10 will win the AC Milan prize package: they will fly with the team to attend one of its Europe matches with VIP tickets in hand. 


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