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Sei Network Unveils Proof of Personhood, Verified Seilor Role on Discord
  • Sei Network has completed its Discord upgrade, introducing the Verified Seilor role.
  • The verified badge is to authenticate real humans and combat bots.
  • Sei Network also incorporates BotBasher, a Crypto Bio Authentication tool.

Sei Network, a major L1 blockchain platform, announced today the successful completion of its highly anticipated upgrade on its Discord server and is now inviting more Seilors to join its thriving community.

The new upgrade adds security and authenticity to the platform by introducing Humanode face verification, allowing users to obtain verified roles and prove their identity as real individuals rather than automated bots.

Sei Network introduced the “Verified Seilor” role on their Discord platform to ensure a bot-free environment and promote authenticity. The “Verified Seilor” role is a badge of authenticity, confirming that users are genuine humans in an era where distinguishing real individuals from bots has become increasingly challenging.

Notably, the Verified Seilor role provides users with enhanced privileges within the Sei Network Discord community, including participation in exclusive airdrops on the mainnet.

With the rise of the potential threat of Sybil attacks, Sei Network recognized the importance of establishing a robust and reliable user base. To ensure the authenticity of its user base, Sei Network’s Discord integration incorporates the Crypto Bio authentication tool, BotBasher.

This tool serves as an additional security measure, complementing the Humanode face verification process to provide a comprehensive approach against fraudulent activities and impersonation attempts.

Sei Network has provided a thread with detailed explanations on their Discord server for those interested in learning more about proof of personhood and the significance of the “Verified Seilor” role.

Users can access the information by following the server menu and navigating to Linked Roles, where they will find the option to become a “Humanode” and acquire their very own Verified Seilor role.

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