7-Eleven NFTs: Retail Innovation with Slurpee Digital Collectibles


In an era where NFTs continue to gain traction, global retail giants are tapping into the potential of these digital assets to foster deeper engagement with their consumers. The world’s largest convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, has emerged as the latest adopter of this strategy. They announced the launch of its Slurpee NFTs, powered by the Polygon blockchain network.

The newly introduced NFTs form a core part of a sugary collectible game centred around a virtual 7-Eleven Slurpee cup. Consumers are offered a selection of four flavors to choose from: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Pina Colada, and Summertime Citrus. This venture provides collectors with the opportunity to craft their favorite Slurpee virtually.

Bridging the Gap between Customers and the Brand

Marissa Jarratt, 7-Eleven Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer, has articulated the rationale behind this intriguing venture. Jarratt stated, “We’re always looking for new and creative ways to celebrate with our customers on our favorite day of the year, Slurpee Day. This year, we’re marking another first for the brand with our inaugural digital collectible, ‘Find Your Slurpee Vibe. Maybe you’ll even give us some inspiration for future flavors.”

This shows how much the brand cares about staying connected with its customers and using NFTs to make things more fun and engaging.

Source 7 Eleven

Claiming the Slurpee NFTs

The 7-Eleven Slurpee NFTs will be accessible exclusively via mobile devices. Upon filling the virtual cup, users will be directed to a screen presenting two choices: to claim their “Slurpee Vibe Digital Collectible” or to restart the process.

If a user is content with their concoction, they can select “claim now” and advance to the next phase. They must provide personal details, including their name, email address, and telephone number. A unique six-digit code will be dispatched to their registered email, allowing them to claim the Slurpee NFT. Consequently, a new wallet on the Polygon Network will be created to hold the Slurpee token.

However, it’s worth noting that the Slurpee app avoids using the term “NFT” instead of referring to these as “digital collectibles.” The only nod to non-fungible tokens is discreetly embedded within the app’s terms of service.

Distinct from conventional NFTs, where the owner possesses complete control over the asset, the 7-Eleven ‘Find Your Slurpee Vibe’ collectibles are merely licensed to customers. This caveat implies that they cannot store, transfer, sell, or bestow these assets upon others, a constraint clearly articulated within the terms of service.

NFT Marketing Approaches

Indeed, 7-Eleven isn’t the pioneer in adopting NFTs for marketing strategies. Prior to this, Starbucks had engaged its customers through Web3 projects involving NFTs, such as their Odyssey initiative. Similarly, automobile giant BMW also ventured into the NFT realm to interact with their consumer base in unique and digitally advanced ways. These precedent cases illustrate how global brands are recognizing and utilizing the potential of NFTs to enhance their customer engagement.

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